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Kyokushinkai  Karate Club History The Gravesend Kyokushinkai Karate club has been running since 1973 and celebrated 40 years of Karate in the Gravesham area last year. The club was located at various venues around Gravesend and is one of the oldest Karate clubs in the area. It is held in high regard locally and around Great Britain. The previous Instructor was Norman King who is well known around the community. There have been thousands of members who have trained at the club over the last 40 years. When the GNG Sports hall was completed in the 1990’s the club relocated to the current venue and was part of the old committee. As work started on the new Gurdwara the hall was not fit for purpose and the club moved out to another location. The club came back to GNG Sports complex in 2006 and has been going from strength to strength. The Karate club had made the small room ready as a matted area with equipment for karate and other sports. This is also utilised by Boxing, yoga, Gatka, Wrestling, Bhangra group and Kabaddi. This has been used since the main hall opened and was temporarily used as accommodation for the workers for the Gurdwara. Once the workers had left after completing work the small hall was returned to its original status. Membership The club has membership from a cross border section of the community and encourages and raises the profile of Sikhism locally, nationally and internationally. There are currently over 70 members of the club including juniors and seniors. Membership is open to all members of the community who believe in the Kyokushinkai way and respect the Sikh values. Interestingly there are many members who use Karate as confidence building, stamina training, discipline, coordination and flexibility. Members find the training assisting in competing in other sports like football, rugby, tennis, badminton and cricket to name a few. Instructors
  • Sempai Balwinder Singh 2nd Dan with 34 years Karate experience and Main instructor.
  • Sempai Amarpal Takk 2nd Dan-assistant instructor
  • Sempai John Fox 2nd Dan-assistant instructor
  • Shihan Raymond Bond 5th Dan- Higher Grading Instructor for Kent and also previous main instructor for Gravesend. Shihan Ray now runs the sister club at Sevenoaks.
Training: If you would like to join Kyokushinkai  Karate Club, training is:
  • Friday, from 6:00pm - 7:15pm - Juniors up to the age of 14 years
  • Friday, from  7:15pm - 8:45pm - Seniors from the age of 14 years and above
Cost: For each training session a small contribution of £2.00 is required to cover court fees Contact Details:   Sempai Balwinder Singh   07871642403 Location: Guru Nanak Sports Centre Khalsa Avenue (off Trinity Road) Gravesend Kent DA12 1LU Tournament successes Gravesend Kyokushinkai Karate club is regarded as one of the best clubs in Britain and has the medal haul to prove it. Since 2010 we have won.
  • 2010-Under sixteen Great Britain Team Karate Champions. We have also had individual successes in different categories
  • 2011- under 10 Great Britain Team Karate Champions plus individual successes
  • 2012- at the British Karate Kyokushinkai national championships there were 8 medals won in different categories including the under 10 team who came 3rd. This was the biggest haul of medals from a single club
  • 2013- The club had 2 fighters represent Great Britain in the World Tournament and one fighter represent England in Switzerland
  • May 2013- International Tournament in Folkestone. 3 gold medals, one silver and one bronze
  • October 2013- at the British Karate Kyokushinkai national championships. We again had a tremendous day with 5 finalists and coming away with 2 golds, 3 silvers and 2 bronzes. The under 16 team came second and the under 10 team came in 3rd.
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