Pubjabi School

Punjabi School We feel it is important for our community to learn Punjabi because Punjabi is the mother tongue of the Punjabis as well as the language of the Sikh Religion. Through learning Punjabi, we gain an undertstanding of the Sikh cultural and spiritual heritage and develop a strong tie with the Punjab, the birthplace of Sikhism. More importantly, the Guru Granth Sahib Ji is written in Gurmukhi and it is only through knowing and understanding Punjabi that a Sikh can fully participate in the worship of the Guru Granth Sahib Ji in the sangat. The aim is to provide fun and enjoyable activities for children to learn to speak, read and write in Punjabi. The starting age is 5 years and most progress to take GCSE Punjabi and A Level with an excellent success rate.


The School Ethos is to;

  1. Uphold the values and beliefs enshrined in the Guru Granth Sahib and the Teachings of the Ten Gurus’.
  2. Develop and maintain an ethos in which individuals feel valued and  where personal endeavour and responsibility are foster
  3. Demonstrate empathy with the Sikh religion and promote Sikh Values and culture.
  4. Encourage Sikh children and adults to speak and converse in Punjabi
We do this by;
  1. Regular acts of worship in which children and adults participate.
  2. Making children aware of their heritage through the celebration of the lives of the Sikh Gurus and their Gurpurabs.
  3. Teaching children through the curriculum of the messages of Guru Granth Sahib.
  4. Valuing individuals and their contribution to the community of the school.
  5. Making sure children and adults feel safe within the environment of the school.
The Curriculum has been developed and organised to;
  1. Take account of modern teaching practices.
  2. Enable a scheme of work that facilitates a gradual competency in speaking, listening and writing Punjabi as a second language.
  3. Support and develop pastoral care for the children through moral education based on principles of Sikh religion.
Punjabi Classes    - School Starting on 9th Sep 2017 Punjabi classes are held every Saturday morning
  • Nursery                      -  11:30 am  -- 12:30 pm   - Age Group  - 5- 6 years
  • Reception                  -  09:30 am – 11:00 am    - Age Group  - 6 -7 years
  • Year 1 to Yr.6            -  09:30 am - 01:15 pm
Registration Update
Guru Nanak Education Centre for Young children. Registration for the Nursery, Reception and Yr.1  is on the 09th September 2017 @9:30am at the Guru Nanak Sports Centre, Khalsa Avenue. (the nursery entrance is on the side of the Sports Centre, Khasla Avenue). We will accept children from the ages of 5 yrs. - 7 yrs. The session will be about learning to speak and recognise Punjabi and name objects in Punjabi. It will be early learning to prepare them to speak Punjabi.
Contact Details:   Rajvinder Singh Gill   07710 563078 Punjabi School Documents
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