Running/Walking Track

Running / Walking Track

As part of the sports strategy a running/walking track was opened in August 2013.  The track was built around the existing sports field which is primarily used by Guru Nanak Football Club.  The track is not only used by the sikh community but is open to the general public and has a number of regular users.  The total track length is 449 meters and  includes a 4 lane 100 meter track.   The track has two entrances firstly, from the address indicated below and secondly, from the Gurdwara car park.

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Opening Times

  • Monday to Sunday  from 4:00am – 9:00pm


  • This facility is provided by Guru Nanak Sports Club for FREE

Contact Details:

  Tony Rana


Guru Nanak Sports Centre
Khalsa Avenue (off Trinity Road)
DA12 1LU



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